To dye for!

We’re headed out on a buying trip in a couple days (Eeeeek! I can’t wait!) and I was really craving a new pair of boots for the trip. Then I remembered I had a pair that I’ve barely ever worn sitting in my closet. They are gorgeous leather knee high flats that zip up the back calf. The flats will be perfect for all the walking we plan on doing while we’re away but the reason they haven’t gotten much wear is because the color was just not quite right. They were a light camel and I am much more of a grey and black girl these days. I’m all about sustainable style and clothing waste pains me, so, I thought, why not dye them? Voila! A fresh pair of chic boots for our trip for around 6 bucks! 


Want a refresh on a pair of shoes? Try dying them. It’s super easy! Gather your supplies and get to work.

You’ll need:  

  • a 1/2 roll of paper towels (you might not go through all of them but better to have on hand just in case)

  • rubber gloves (or be prepared for the dye to stain your hands for a few days) 

  • a sponge or a foam brush

  • leather dye *I picked up a jar of Fiebing’s leather colors in black from Michaels but I know Joann has this too. Look for it in the leather crafting section, not in the paint section. The containers are very small but it was enough for this pair of boots! (A jar is around $6.50 but don’t forget to pull up a 40% off coupon on your phone and save a few bucks!) 

During the process.

During the process.

Put on your gloves and start the process. First I balled up a paper towel so it was easier to rub over the leather. Get your paper towel generously wet with the dye (it’s the consistency of water) and then start rubbing in small circular motions all over the surface to get even coverage. I liked to switch back and forth between using the paper towels and the foam brush. When using the brush be mindful that it holds a lot more liquid than the paper towel so you almost need to apply in small sections with the brush and then immediately rub in with a paper towel. The brush also helps get into the small seams and little nooks and crannies of the leather. Getting full coverage takes time but it will be worth it in the end! I absolutely LOVE how mine turned out a little distressed and weathered looking. I used the black dye but they came out looking more of a gunmetal grey when mixed with the camel underneath, which is a perfect color for me! If you feel like you want to darken up, simply wait for them to dry and then add another coat. 

Enjoy your updated shoes (or any leather item you wish)! I can’t wait to rock my boots in a few days! 

The finished product! Aren’t they gorge?!?!

The finished product! Aren’t they gorge?!?!

Great gifts under $20!

Is the impending fear setting in as you realize you’ve got a long list of gifts to give without the matching budget? If you’re like us, then you’re probably also looking for something unique and thoughtful so here are some of our favorites available at Wolf & Cub right now for under $20! 

We’ve got loads of cute notebooks for jotting down the next big idea (Like this one from Wit & Delight, $12), pencils to perk up a drab desk ($12) or some sunnies ($15) to keep your favorite friends stylin’. 

One size fits all with pint sized prints from Jacksonville-based artist Karen Kurycki. Budget friendly sizes in 5x7 and 8x10 are are available in store in a variety of designs and filled with Karen’s clever humor. $12 for a matted 5x7 print.

We can’t get enough of these beautiful, cleansing products from Incausa. From essential oils soaps ($11) and dried sage ($8) to smudge bowls ($18) and Palo Santo incense ($8), Incausa prides itself on connecting products from indigenous tribes in Peru with retailers around the world. Through their social entrepreneurship program these people have the opportunity to create a sustainable life, so purchasing their products helps support their mission all while enjoying the natural scents.

Based out of Miami, Deco Nail Lacquer ($8-12) is vegan friendly and not tested on animals. You’ll love their beautiful palette of colors even though we are always a sucker for black! You can go wrong with theirs, aptly named “Black like my soul.”

Creature Cups ($15) are the cutest little surprises hidden in the bottom of your mug. Put a smile on your friends face as they sip their coffee and are greeted by a little dragon, manatee, fox or hedgehog, to name a few.

For the Love of Munny


We are at it again with an event celebrating Jacksonville’s art scene. “For the Love of Munny,” a vinyl toy exhibition and toy drive curated by Wolf & Cub will run during the month of December at the shop. The show will feature a collection of vinyl toys, affectionately named “Munny," from specialty maker of designer art toys, kidrobot. Each individual collectible toy stands 6” tall and will be designed, painted, destructed, and created by some of our amazing Jacksonville-based artists.

From painting and illustration to street and graphic arts to fashion design and mixed media, the broad selection of participating artists celebrates art in many different mediums. The impressive list of of talent include many Jacksonville favorites including Tommy Armageddon, Nick Villalva, Crystal Floyd, Dustin Harewood, Matt Abercrombie, Amy Ploss-Samson, Ed Hall, Chip Southworth, Jessica Becker, Henry Gonzales, Rob Middleton, Overstreet Ducasse, “Metal” Mark McCombs, Russel Quadros, Lauren Trump, Centism, Margete Griffin, Joseph Shuck, Chris Sellen, Mark Creegan, Ryne Samson, Roosevelt Watson, plus ourselves—Varick Rosete, and Emily Moody-Rosete playing along. Some of the unique Munnys will be available for sale during the show and will make an interesting, one-of-a-kind gift for someone special!

The show opens with a celebration on Saturday, December 2nd from 5 to 8 p.m. Wolf & Cub will continue the celebration during December Artwalk, Wednesday December 6th, from 5 to 9 p.m. with the show closing on Saturday, December 30th.

To coincide with the toy theme and the season of giving, Wolf & Cub will also be collecting toys for underserved youth during the run of the show. Bring a toy in on the opening evening or during December Artwalk and receive a 20% off shopping pass (good for use that night only).

We're super pumped to bring the Munny show back to Jacksonville and can't wait to see what the artists come up with! See you on December 2nd!

October Artwalk Recap


Back to our regularly scheduled, non-confrontational, Artwalk in Downtown Jacksonville. Why? IT'S OKTOBERFEST!! BIER!! BIER!! BIER!! Thank you to everyone who came out to support Wolf & Cub last night, and got to enjoy some great music from Folk is People!

2017-10-04 19.25.39.jpg
2017-10-04 19.42.31.jpg
2017-10-04 21.29.07.jpg

September Artwalk Recap

Regardless of the limitations from last night's Artwalk, Emily and I just wanted to thank everyone who were able to come out to September's Artwalk to support the artists and resistance to hate. Big thanks to Mama Blue and old W&C friend, Brad Lauretti for the tunes above us at Cathedral Arts Project. Thanks for helping keep the spirits light!

- V

The Artwalk show must go on!


Varick and I aren't ones to get publicly vocal on issues but we feel like it's time to say something regarding the limitations put out on Artwalk for tomorrow night. 

Sure, it was a risky move to open Wolf & Cub to Downtown JAX, but being the only boutique Downtown, we already knew we were up against a unique set of challenges: the walking traffic is hit or miss, there is a (albeit false) perception of the area being "unsafe" (although this is one of the safest zip codes in JAX), and there are not very many options to make it a shopping destination. However, we love this city and care deeply about the future of our wonderful Jacksonville. We are down here because we want to help build up our Downtown! We want to see it flourish and truly become a must-see destination for residents and tourists alike. When we signed our lease in May of 2016, Hemming Park still had a good amount of activity happening—there were some planned events and we were hopeful about gaining exposure and traffic through those. Plus, then we knew we could at least count on Artwalk to bring even more people out. 


So, when Downtown Vision came by the shop last week to let us know that, in their words, "per JSO," that we would not be able to activate the sidewalk during Artwalk and Laura Street would remain open to traffic due to the to opposing protest groups, it was extremely disheartening, especially for a small business that has committed to helping build Downtown. We were instructed to move any planned activities inside of our shop, (as of Tuesday afternoon, we have been cleared to have some activation on the sidewalk as long as it does not block the right of way) but on any given day, we always have a cafe table and two chairs to give more life to the sidewalk. And for every Artwalk, we usually plan for musicians, other organizations or food vendors to set up in front of our space well in advance. Plus, if you're an Artwalk regular you know we always have our $5 vintage sale bins outside during the event, as well. The fact that they are letting two groups dictate the entire footprint of Artwalk seems extreme and completely against what the soul of Artwalk is all about. This change will affect many small businesses who, not only rely on Artwalk sales as a revenue boost right around rent time, but also it serves as a great way to expose people who don't often venture downtown to experience the cool products that Wolf & Cub has to offer! 


Regardless of the attempted damper being put on tomorrow night's event, we need you all to come out and show your support! We are committed to being active, engaged participants of Downtown culture, and we will still carry on with our planned pop up show with our good friend Brad Lauretti, plus have complimentary beverages for our supporters, Wolf & Cub tees 2 for $30, a rack of 75% off clothing and LOTS of awesome vintage goodies in our $5 bins. Now more than ever, DOWNTOWN NEEDS YOU. We hope to see you out and about tomorrow! 

Thank you, as always, for your love and support!

Emily and Varick


Burning with pride, passion and adrenaline, our infamous Jaguars make their way into the battle arena surrounded by thousands and thousands of avid, loyal fans—all screaming "DUUUUUUUUUUVVVAAAAAAL!!" We are the hardcore. The 12th man. Duval 'til we die. Welcome to Jagsonville. 

It's finally here! We are so excited to release the newest JAGS tee design by the one and only Varick Rosete! Get amped for the 2017/2018 season with the latest Flaming Skull tee or pick up one of our other designs (see below) available for limited release in all new colorways. Click on any of the tees to take you straight to the order form now! 

Now through August 13th pre-order a tee at a super discounted rate of only $20. (After that, the rate will go up to $30.)

• Printed on super-comfortable, boutique quality t-shirts

• Available in Unisex and Women's sizes

• Tees expected delivery date: September/October 2017

NOTE: THIS IS A PRE-ORDER SALE!! THIS IS A PRE-ORDER SALE!! Shirts will be available for free in store pick up or we will ship anywhere for an additional charge, choose your option at checkout. 

July Artwalk Recap


Thanks to everyone who made it out last week to July's Artwalk Downtown! It was definitely a hot one! Not only because the temps were pushing 100˚, but the cyphers out front were bringing the heat, as well, for Mal Jones' presents The Lyricist Live! show! And who could forget about the increased presence of the boys in blue? We could definitely feel the heat there, breaking up the B-boys and making sure our sound was in check. Yah, that was...interesting. But even with all of that, we all still had a great time! 


Thanks again, Mal, for creating a great show for Artwalk. We look forward to having you, the MCs, and the B-boys back out front soon again! HOLLA!

- V


rms Beauty: A Healthy Solution

Did you know you ingest hundreds of toxins through your skin every day? Most drugstore beauty and styling products are filled with chemicals, metals and other unsafe elements absorb quickly from your skin straight to your bloodstream, which can lead to serious health issues. That's why when we discovered the organic cosmetic line, rms Beauty, getting it for the shop was a no-brainer. Founder and make-up artist, Rose-Marie Swift created a stripped down makeup for healthy beauty and seven years later, the line is stocked at all the best shops around the world, including right here at Wolf & Cub. rms Beauty uses a cold-pressed system combined with undiluted essential oils, all natural pigments, to ensure that the make up doesn't just give you an outer glow (although it does that FABULOUSLY as well) but it also gives your skin a mini spa treatment every time you use it. Come by and try out some colors for yourself. Plus, receive a complimentary deluxe sample of the signature "un" powder with any rms purchase (while supplies last)!