To dye for!

We’re headed out on a buying trip in a couple days (Eeeeek! I can’t wait!) and I was really craving a new pair of boots for the trip. Then I remembered I had a pair that I’ve barely ever worn sitting in my closet. They are gorgeous leather knee high flats that zip up the back calf. The flats will be perfect for all the walking we plan on doing while we’re away but the reason they haven’t gotten much wear is because the color was just not quite right. They were a light camel and I am much more of a grey and black girl these days. I’m all about sustainable style and clothing waste pains me, so, I thought, why not dye them? Voila! A fresh pair of chic boots for our trip for around 6 bucks! 


Want a refresh on a pair of shoes? Try dying them. It’s super easy! Gather your supplies and get to work.

You’ll need:  

  • a 1/2 roll of paper towels (you might not go through all of them but better to have on hand just in case)

  • rubber gloves (or be prepared for the dye to stain your hands for a few days) 

  • a sponge or a foam brush

  • leather dye *I picked up a jar of Fiebing’s leather colors in black from Michaels but I know Joann has this too. Look for it in the leather crafting section, not in the paint section. The containers are very small but it was enough for this pair of boots! (A jar is around $6.50 but don’t forget to pull up a 40% off coupon on your phone and save a few bucks!) 

During the process.

During the process.

Put on your gloves and start the process. First I balled up a paper towel so it was easier to rub over the leather. Get your paper towel generously wet with the dye (it’s the consistency of water) and then start rubbing in small circular motions all over the surface to get even coverage. I liked to switch back and forth between using the paper towels and the foam brush. When using the brush be mindful that it holds a lot more liquid than the paper towel so you almost need to apply in small sections with the brush and then immediately rub in with a paper towel. The brush also helps get into the small seams and little nooks and crannies of the leather. Getting full coverage takes time but it will be worth it in the end! I absolutely LOVE how mine turned out a little distressed and weathered looking. I used the black dye but they came out looking more of a gunmetal grey when mixed with the camel underneath, which is a perfect color for me! If you feel like you want to darken up, simply wait for them to dry and then add another coat. 

Enjoy your updated shoes (or any leather item you wish)! I can’t wait to rock my boots in a few days! 

The finished product! Aren’t they gorge?!?!

The finished product! Aren’t they gorge?!?!